Sound of 2000s

This audio was recorded some time in 2008, around the time of our 10th birthday. It used clips from between 2001 and 2008.

Insanity’s first ever tagline, that we used back in 1998, “Radio’s Future Today”, makes a cameo in the clip.

2008: Max and Ivan: Exposed

Max & Ivan are a comedy duo, known for their Radio 4 series The Casebook of Max & Ivan and Channel 4 comedy The Reunion. They also appeared on the BBC series W1A.

But their beginnings were humble, and here at Insanity.

Max and Ivan: Exposed Digital News Archive is a comedy show, that aired between 2007 and 2008 on Insanity. Listen to one of the episodes here.

Warning: Strong Language.

You can find the full series on our retro MixCloud.



2008: News

Selected highlights of Insanity’s 2008 news, including elections

Demos of 2008s

Back in 2008, we made a CD showcasing (at the time) our best bits. We gave them out at Freshers Fair to get people interested in who we are and what we do.

Here’s what made the final cut.

2001: Best Student Station

In 2001, we entered the Student Radio Awards for Best Station. We didn’t win, but we came pretty darn close!

Have a listen to what we pulled out of the metaphorical hat (it’s radio) to give to the judges.

News from 2001

Insanity has always had a hard focus on news. Here’s some of what we reported on back in 2001.

  • NUS tuition fees march (back in the days before £9k, too)
  • Society promotions
  • Smoking in the Union Hall and the legalisation of cannabis